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Kids Programs at Cedar Hill American Karate Academy

Invest in Your Child's Life Success with Kids Programs at Cedar Hill

While the initial draw for many kids to learn karate is that they will be able to defend themselves and do the sorts of things that action heroes are able to do, the truth is that martial arts is about so much more than self-defense. Many parents realize this when they enroll their children in self-defense classes and see how their entire outlook improves over time. In addition to the short-term benefits of having an exciting morning, afternoon or evening with friends, kids improve their physical fitness, gain increased focus and concentration, and raise their confidence levels. The positive values instilled by a karate class remain present throughout a child's entire life.

Work that Doesn't Seem Like Work

Most parents know that in order to instill values of discipline and hard work, they need to be firm with their kids, give chores and impose consequences. This can lead to frustrating tension with your children when they push back. Nobody likes work, but as adults, we know that it must be done.

The best lessons in discipline are those that are fun, and at Cedar Hill American Karate Academy, all of our lessons are exciting, entertaining AND educational! Lessons are structured to include games, conditioning exercises, sparring and other fitness activities designed to promote activity. We create a caring, encouraging environment that both accepts of each child's unique fitness background and pushes them to be the best person they can be. Training is designed to meet the goals of each student, and all of our classes are high-energy, high-excitement and high-fun!

In addition to our classes, signing up gives you the opportunity to take part in numerous holiday parties, movie nights, contests, challenges and more. Parents' Night Out is like free babysitting, while Buddy Nights gives your kids the opportunity to share their martial arts experience with a friend or family member. Get to know our great community at these events and have a good time while doing it!

What Your Child Will Gain

All parents worry that their children will either be bullied in school or succumb to peer pressure and make poor decisions. A solid martial arts education will help your kids develop the personal confidence, value system and discipline to stay on the right path to success.
  • Armed with self-defense skills, bullies will avoid your child and you never have to fear for your child again.

  • Your child's physical fitness will improve his or her confidence, and their social skills will soar.

  • With a firm sense of self-assurance, your child will know when he or she doesn't want to be part of a bad crowd or a bad environment and will not become a victim of peer pressure.

  • Your child's academic performance will improve as discipline and focus increase. A good workout diminishes any "antsiness" that may get in the way of doing homework or paying attention in class.

  • If you worry that your child is in a difficult emotional place, a martial arts class will improve his outlook on life by providing a fun way to let off steam and spend time with friends.
The personal attention provided by our instructors will ensure that their needs are met. Our instructors are trained to work with kids, and they will likely understand your children better than they understand themselves. Trust us to get through and be positive role models during important growth periods in your child's life.

Dedication and Commitment

Our staff is 100 percent dedicated to your child's well-being in the present and in the future. We believe in helping kids grow up to be the most inspired, interesting, disciplined and outstanding adults they can be, and we are passionate about the role that martial arts can play in that process.

If you want your kids to grow up to be disciplined, passionate, healthy adults, give us a call at 972-291-1086 today! Commit to investing in your child's body, mind and spirit! It could be the defining moment of his or her life.